The Facilities

The Oakland Metro is a 10,000 sq ft black box theater and operahouse, located at 303 Castro Street, Oakland CA 94607. It is a non-profit performance venue, and a program of Oakland Opera Theater / Underworld Opera  - a 501(c)(3) organization. The Oakland Opera allows it facilities to be rented by individuals and organizations for the sole purpose of live performances and rehearsals. . The space has a variety of possible seating configurations depending on the specific requirements of individual performances. It is equipped with a full theatrical lighting system, state of the art sound reinforcement and a full bar.

Base Rental Rates

Rentals are generally restricted to weekday evenings (Sunday- Thursday) between the hours of 6pm – 1am, although any continuous seven hour period on those days can be requested. The base rental rates for such a performance period is $1500.00 and includes three staff people from the Oakland Opera; a security person, a house manager and a concessions person, as well as full use of our stage, dressing room and sound and lighting systems. To reserve a date a 50% deposit of all fees set forth in the estimate will be required. Should the Oakland Opera determine that additional personnel will be required for your event the renter will be required to pay an additional $40 an hour for each added staff person.


Events canceled within sixty days of the first scheduled date of event will be subject to forfeiture of all fees paid as of the date of cancellation. Events canceled prior to sixty days before the first scheduled date of event will be subject to a charge of 50% of the total fees, charges, and expenses as set forth in the estimate provided for your event; plus the amount of all direct expenses or charges incurred by the Oakland Metro in anticipation of event.

Form of Payment

All payments shall be made in cash or checks payable to: Oakland Opera Theater.


The renter authorizes the Metro to apply the deposit and the proceeds of any draws on the payment bond in payment of any sums due, including, but not limited to additional personnel and equipment charges, additional security, damage to facilities or equipment, storage, and use beyond the period licensed. In the event these funds are insufficient to cover all amounts owing to the Metro, renter agrees to make prompt payment upon demand and verification by licensee for any remaining sums due.

Concessions and Merchandise

The Metro reserves the exclusive right to all food & beverage sales in and around Premises, and will run such concessions as it deems fir at each event. The sale of specified event-related merchandise (i.e., posters, T-shirts, etc.) by the renter will be permitted.

Loss of Personal Property

The Metro is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property brought on the Premises by the Licensee or persons invited onto the Premises by Licensee.