underworld opera presents


first fuckin friday

FiGHTS into Dreams (AKA Imperius Regina)

at Underworld Theater Festival

Time: 6:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 5:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

Fri, June 3, 2022
10th Street & Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607
Event description
21+, dontbringyourfnkids sex and violence weed and wit iconic and iconoclastic real truth is found in the heart of battle GiG FTF @hoodslam

NiGHT 1 of two! Hoodslam sets it up and Guilty Lethal Action Mayhem (@GLAMxOAK) knocks'em down.
21+, dontbringyourfnkids, @oaklandmetro
@hoodslam for the things
Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody,
The West Coast Wrecking Crew Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson return to challenge for the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship, currently held by Hidden Gems Matt Carlos and Joe DeSoul!
It's gonna be a wholesome v freaky series of events...stay tuned for more information regarding this salacious yet healing combination of combustible combatants!
DARK Sheik recently revealed herself as the writer and spark of much of Hoodslam's happening, declaring herself as the Animator! She has said that she will soon challenge and win the Golden Gig, Hoodslam's top prize, currently held by El Chupacabra. The when and where has yet to be stated... but, has it been written?
The Stoner Brothers have rebounded from the injury that forced them to relinquish the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship back in March and they look to reclaim their spot atop Mount Tag Team! Who will step up to the two headed hydra of Stoner U Dojo?
Drugz Bunny is a rabbit man fueled by the power of cocaine and he will fight someone, really what more can be said?
Doc Atrocity has long been a tinkerer of sorts, having created all sorts of monster, machines and toys that tinker with space and time. Recently, however, the Dr. has stepped into new territory: he's agreed to help resurrect the dearly departed dead (invisible) dog of Sour Boone! Poor little BJ befell his somber fate back when Richard Shhhnary ...crossed the line. But, Shhhnary has gone home to be a family man, and Boone has been left without closure. Can the Dr cure what the years have not? Or was DARK Sheik right when she told Boone "sometimes dead is better"?
Cereal Man and BART-Man have been fighting since August... why stop now? Wait...no, lets stop! This shall be there final battle, rendering all previous battles null and void of meaning! It's all about the finish line and 2nd place is no prize in a two person contest! Finally, this long fought war between a train person and an alien with a cereal box for a face will be settled and bragging rights for all trains and cereal boxes are on the line! The age old debate reaches its terminus