underworld opera company presents:

motherfucking H O O D S L A M:

Entertania X-1

at Underworld Theater Festival

Time: 6:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

21+, dontbringyourfnkids to our 11 year anniversary of the accidental phenomenon! Wrestling Rated R. Outdoors / lgbt / 21+ / smoke'em
About this event

In 2010 we began, in 2021 we start anew!
The anniversary of everything we hold dear ,
A homecoming to our birthplace
motherfucking Hoodslam: Entertania X-1 !
Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody, Doc Atrocity, Wonder Dave and guest commentary by a surprise twitch video game streamer we're good to buddy up with because we're told its good for our metrics.
Referees Wiggles and Fly As Fuck Nuk Nuk Johnson
- Featuring a championship defense by the Beast who hold the Golden Gig , El Chupacabra. The Mexican Werewolf has had a grip on our most prized possession since 2019. Who will fight for this arcane vessel containing the burning spirit of a thousand wrestlers souls?
- Intergalactic Tag Team Champions Da Squaaa will put their funky space belts on the line against The Stoners Brothers and The CAUTION (CAUTION) in a Chaos Rules Tag Match! Be bedazzled at the sight of six world warriors competing in hyperspeed violence while smoking blunts, all in the pursuit of being your defenders of the the Inter-Galaxy!
- we say goodbye to a special friend, the character of Pooh Jack. You will be missed.
- November 5th... the day Doc Brown hit his head on a toilet, built a crazy ass time machine and then 30 years later sent a high school student into an alternate reality - presumably leaving his original timeline to always wonder the fate of their seeminly dissapeared loved one. This Nov 5th...it's revenge.
- Cereal Man / Brittany Wonder / ???? / Drugz Bunny / El Bart-Man / DARK Sheik / Juice Lee / ????? ????????? / James C / More / People
don't bring your fn kids to see what will inevitably be the last sports team in Oakland. We're 21+ and we fuck the fans. We're not trying to blow your minds and bodies while you're RAISING THE FUTURE, gud gawd