HoodFighter Tournament 2019


at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

21+ -World warriors congregate in Oakland for the 10th annual HoodFighter Tournament! Real truth lies in the heart of battle!

21 +, dontbringyoufnkids
to Oakland Metro Operahouse 12/6/19
full bar, live music
doors 8, show at 9
@hoodslam everything, birdswillfall.com
10 years of tournament greatness - 8 competitors will try and survive three matches in a single night to be crowned HoodFighter Champion 2019. The winner is also awarded a shot for the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks at January 3rd first friday against whoever may be champion!
Tournament entrants:
Thicc Martel
Drugz Bunny
Glorious Banana
D Rogue
DARK Sheik
Juice Lee
Cereal Man
Richard Shhhnary
The show will also feature 2-3 more matches, with talent that might be FunnyBone! Super Beast! Hip Hop Harry and Shakira Spears of Da Squaaaa(d)! James C and Brutal Rob Hands - Big in the 20s! Rick Scott and Scott Rick Stoner - Stoner Brothers! HBKen and Sensei Joey Nuggs - the Whoa Whoa Dojo! Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypack Champion Hidden Gem Matt Carlos! The Beast who Holds the Golden Gig high atop mount hoodslam Mexican Werewolf El Chupacabra! Hey and Broseph, Wiggles and Nuk! We can't do a show without refs and commentary... wait can we? doesnt matter, we're not!
watch live/free on twitch.tv/hoodslam aka Hoodslam.tv
@hoodslam for social mediafication
birdswillfall.com for the internet surfization
really truly #dontbringyoufnkids