Her Majesty, Long BAE She Reign


at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

Now Featuring Christina Von Eerie, Calamity Kate and Eli Everfly, Fidel Bravo AND Leslie Iris! Holy smokes that's a lot of debuts!

Every Friday of every month, you can find us at Oakland Metro Operahouse! We are the accidental phenomenon, Oakland's last true sports team

21 and up, bar , live music, dontbringyourfnkids or let them watch live/free at hoodslam.tvYou are cordially invited to save the date September 13th when we are witness to the blissful union of carnage, chaos, cosplay and combat. Every friday is a renewal of their promise to hold each other - in both their arms and their hearts -through hell, paradise and beyond. We make this sacred vow real in the holiest of temples - the GLAM ring.Or, to put it less formally: Shout, smoke, drink, sweat and fuck. We're here to get nasty.HER MAJESTY, THE KILLEREST OF BAESHeather Monroe has long claimed herself as the Champion of GLAM, having the closest thing to a title we've ever had - BOTH the Sun and Moon Keys! At August 9th's "Morning Glow" she was able to retain both keys by defeating The Inframous Lady K by count out. However, she wasn't just outside of the ring; she was outside of our reality! Lady K was rudely pushed through the door by Heather Monroe, who then proceeded to lock it behind her and secure the win.For months, Lady K has yearned to learn what lies behind the door. She finally got her wish, but at what cost?OH BUT ALSO our runaway bride situation between the baby mommas Nurse Ratchet and Buggy Nova has evolved. Though Miss Nova has proven herself a courageous single mother, she has expressed interest in raising young Chucky with Nurse Ratchet together. Traditional Family Values, as she puts it. Ratchet has shown affection for her family, but only slightly and from a distance, always running away, once even leaving the forlorn Buggy from an improvised altar. Buggy Nova is tired of this shirking of responsbility, and now demands that Nurse Ratchet do the right thing or cough up child support. (BTW, Nurse Ratchet is still an undead mute who may or may not understand the concept of currency)ALSO - Daughter of the Devil, VIPRESS!Ultra Girl Brittany Wonder! From Da Squaaad, Shakira Spears!Aussie Queen Simone Sherie!Hella more!oh but just in case your forgot: 21 and up DONTBRINGYOURFNKIDS thanks