H O O D S L A M :

moonsault sonata

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

21 and up, $20 cover, #dontbringyourfnkids

What is this waking dream we wade through? Is it chaos, unpredictable and untameable? Or have all our actions and decisions brought us precisely to this nexus of reality? Did all our combined energy bring us to the fulcrum of our destiny, this one moment? Or is it all perspective, do we only exist within the field of vision of the observer? Are all of our twists and turns are simply the manifestations of the fickle temprament of the universal being?

We dont know. We just wrestle. And sing, dance, laugh, cry, feel. We put the vibrations out and hope something shakes us back. Plucking not just on the strings of a guitar, but also on the soul, playing the most emotive of instruments, the human body.

This is our final Hoodslam before Entertania on April 5th. All the hate between combatants and all the joy of the performer will be at levels of intensity that cannot be measured with any science or rationed with any numbers. All energy of every individual will be focused on the creation of their empire, and the destruction of their deterrents. All energy will be pointed at Entertania, and when the energy combines we lose who we are as individuals and become the vibration of a moment.

@hoodslam on all social. birdswillfall.com for the goods. twitch.tv/hoodslam to watch our shows live for free. we're on youtube shortly after as well.