Ruin, Defecrator, Disgusted Geist, Evulse

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 7:00pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: All Ages     Price: $12
This Event Has Ended

REAL THRASH Bookings Presents:
California death metal defilement!

LA'ss filthiest death metal sleaze merchants are coming up to the Bay to hack and slash your ears with putrefying sludge. Crawling gross death doom for fans of Anatomia, Cianide, Impetigo, Blood & Autopsy but certainly there is no other band with quite the same slimy detuned sound. Come hear for yourself! New album HUMAN ANNIHILATION out in 2019.

Sac's deadlifting champions of ignant black death war metal barbarity, with a new record coming out on Drakkar Productions.

San Luis Obispo ten ton sledgehammers of heavy death doom. Full length "Reign Of Enthrallment" out now on Sunken Tomb/Not Kvlt Records.

Oakland's rising supergroup of brutality with members of Swamp Witch, Caffa, Mortuous, Augurs, Deathgrave. Pure unrelenting death metal, check out their recent demo "Call Of The Void" on Transylvanian Recordings.

8pm doors