at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
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"Deep into that darkness peering, long i stood there
wondering, fearing, doubting"

The horror anthology continues...

Hoodslam is plenty exciting for us, but often we found ourselves wondering whats behind the veil. Thanks to Doc Atrocity's interdimensional portal and fluctuations in the space time, we're able to experience stories from beyond our own universe. We call this long stare into the abyss.. Bloodslam.

Two years ago we were privy to the tale of 5 friends going to their first Hoodslam. Unfortunately, things went awry. Some became zombies, others tainted by Ratchet's needle, one even kidnapped to become a demon bride. However, Cousin Donnie Drinko was able to escape the nightmare as the sole survivor.

A year later, we tuned in to see Donnie Drinko now as an inmate in federal prison. An underground fight league brings prisoners closer together instead of its intention, and an escape is hatched. Donnie follows his fellow inmates to one of their brothers farm, where the cult of Dale Mehl was discovered. After fighting for their lives against the diseased brain washed motley crew, Donnie Drinko and Officer Brittany embraced yet parted, with Brittany reporting no survivors and Donnie free to start a new life without the law on his back.

This year... something different. Something fresh. Like what? I dunno.

every year, we get brutal bloody violent hardcore insane in the brain. We don't usually cater to the masochistic sadistic suicidal tendencies that preclude a DEATHMATCH... but usually at bloodslam, we do a deathmatch. Keep your eyes peeled for details on that. Or hopefully, we just skip it this year. Im optimistic.

Commentary, music, booze, wrestling. Its everything you could want. So, bring money, bring an adventurous spirit, but dontbringyourfnkids

watch it on twitch or youtube or instagram or twitter or facebook or whatever it is you use to make yourself complete... we use them all.